Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Cherokee Lodge #10, AF & AM... The oldest Masonic Lodge in Oklahoma. Chartered in 1848.........

Cherokee Lodge #10 A.F. & A.M.
121 W. Choctaw Street, Tahlequah, OK/USA, 74464






Q: What is Freemasonry?
A: A fraternity of men dedicated to the up building of moral character of its members and the preservation of personal freedom.

Q: Is Masonry a religion?
A: No Masonry is not a religion, however every applicant must express a belief in a Supreme Being. No atheist can be a Mason. Masons do not have a preference of anyone's individual faith because that is a question between you and your God.

Q: When was Masonry started?
A: Masonry formally began in 1717 in London, England, however, informally Masonry began centuries prior to 1717.

Q: How are masons involved in their communities?
A: In the United States, Masons contribute over $2 million dollars a day to charitable organizations and individuals. These funds are for the less fortunate for medical care, medical equipment and scholarships.

Q: Are there different levels of Masonry?
A: Yes, in Masonry there are three 'degrees'
The 'First Degree' - Entered apprentice
The 'Second Degree' - Fellowcraft
The 'Third Degree' - Master Mason

Q: How can I join a Masonic Lodge?
A: Membership is open to any man who is 19 years of age or older. Candidates must be recommended by two lodge members; be an honorable member of their community, and profess a belief in the Supreme Being.
Members are not recruited and any man who has an interest in becoming a Mason, simply must ask.




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